About us

The Colbath family moved to Honduras in 2006 run a small children’s home. They have been blessed to raise more than 10 children in the years since. 

The family also desired community transformation beyond their home, so they run a tutoring program for children in the village with meals so the kids can stay in school instead of falling behind and dropping out. They have now expanded this program to also enable adults to finish high school partnering with the local department of education.

Mark (Mr. Colbath) learned the finest cocoa in the world, the trinitario variety, is grown in Honduras so he began experimenting with making chocolate in 2014. The vision was to provide jobs and economic development using the natural riches of Honduras. This passion has grown over time and over the years through much hard work, prayer, and learning from experience. Growing a mission focused business in a developing country is a challenge to say the least, but so worth it. It has been a blessing to see the lives of the now 11 full-time employees changed through having quality work and receiving living wages.

Taking care of employees sounds just like the right thing to do, but in Honduras it is not the norm. Unemployment is greater than 30%, and those that do have jobs are often exploited by being forced to work 12 hour days, 7 days a week for a salary far below the minimum wage.

Our Honduran team at Chocolatepeque experiences work with dignity by being paid fairly for their work. They receive fair wages as required by law which is four times more than the average person earns. Our team receives vacation and sick time, and contributions to health insurance and social security.

Our mission with bringing Chocolatepeque chocolate to the United States and beyond is to increase our impact in Honduras by providing even more quality jobs and making Honduras a more just society to live in.

Significant profits from our sales outside Honduras go towards this mission. A sizable portion goes to reinvesting in Chocolatepeque for growth of jobs and community impact, and another portion goes to organizations like International Justice Mission that are making Honduras a more just place for everyday people.

Our Story in 100 words

The Colbath family dreamed of the natural wealth of Honduras benefiting the many people who struggled to make ends meet. They tried making chocolate since the finest cocoa is grown in Honduras. Along the way they discovered most Hondurans had never tasted quality chocolate. It became a two part passion: providing quality jobs and sharing with Hondurans the wonderful products of their country. Sourcing organic cocoa beans from a farming cooperative, what started in 2014 with a couple of handmade chocolate bars has grown to a small solar-powered factory supplying two retail stores and 11 employees earning living wages.